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Below are the documents used by Professional Building Inspections. The inspection agreement used is the Quebec Association Of Building Inspector's standard contract "Inspection Service Agreement With Respect To a Chiefly Residential Immovable". 

An integral part of the Service Agreement is the AIBQ's Standards of Practice which outlines what is inspected and how it is reported.

If the property being inspected is a condominium, co-ownership or a commercial property there are appendix which apply to these situations.

At the end of the inspection there is a "Inspection Completion Certificate For A Chiefly Residential Immovable" to be completed and signed.

In order to give a perspective of the costs involved in home repair or renovation a cost list will be provided with the report. You can obtain further information on renovation costs in the Links section. Please remember that the prices quoted are only approximate and that quotes can vary as much as 300% depending on the area and materials used.


To view the documents you will require Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.
If it is not already installed on your computer it is available for free from Adobe® .





  Inspection Service Agreement With Respect To a Chiefly Residential Immovable   


  Appendix C Co-Ownership


  Appendix E Commercial 


  Inspection Completion Certificate For A Chiefly Residential Immovable


  AIBQ Standards Of Practice



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