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David Smith                

After retiring as a carreer firefighter I now work as a professioal building inspector.   I worked with the the Mount Royal Fire Department for 28 years and the Montréal Fire Department for 4 years. One of my duties as a firefighter was  fire prevention inspections after having graduated from the Fire Science Program at Vanier College and being certified as a Fire Prevention Technician by the Quebec Minister Of Municipal Affaires.


Since 1998 I have been involved in the home inspection field doing  prepurchase inspections  under the name Professional Building Inspections.  I maintain memberships in the Quebec Association Of Building Inspectors, Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors  and the Quebec Association Of Fire Prevention Technicians.  I am certified by the AIBQ and hold a Canadian National Certification

Certificate Number ANC00084.


Every year I continue to update my skills,  knowledge of  building science and the inspection industry to serve my clients better as well as meeting the AIBQ's and Canadian National Certification requirements for continuing education.


I have had a lifetime interest in building technology and construction. For 12 years  I was  licensed as a contractor by the Regie des entreprises de construction du Quebec, working  under the name of Aluminium Samson, installing doors, windows and siding.  I have built two homes  with my own hands and continue to enjoy home renovation.








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